The Bodyke Evictions, June 1887, County Clare, Ireland

The following are various articles published in The Evening Star newspaper, Washington DC, about the Bodyke Evictions of Bodyke, County Clare, Ireland.

The previous article about the John O’Halloran Family Eviction of June 10, 1887 was part of the Bodyke Evictions of June 1887 and is referenced in some of these newspaper articles. Continue reading “The Bodyke Evictions, June 1887, County Clare, Ireland”

Paul Tralles – Photographer

Paul Tralles

Paul Tralles was a professional photographer and took the photo of Catherine Hegarty Kane at his photo studio located at 808 7th St. N.W., Washington, D.C.

During the U.S. Civil War, he served as a musician with the 12th Regiment of the U. S. Infantry. He enlisted on 20 September 1861 and re-enlisted on 10 February 1864, serving throughout the U. S. Civil War. Continue reading “Paul Tralles – Photographer”

The John O’Halloran Family Eviction 1887 in Ireland

Although the O’Halloran family is not related to our branch of the Kane family in Ireland, yet, we thought their story is important because it gives the sad details about the evictions of poor Irish tenant families from their homes throughout Irish history by their landlords.

the O'Halloran Girls
the O’Halloran Girls; the girl on the far right with vertical buttons and white lace around neck and collar is Sarah O’Halloran;

John O’Halloran and his family were evicted for failure to pay rent on their tenant home, which they built themselves, and their tenant farm on June 10, 1887 in Lisbarreen, near Bodyke, County Clare, Ireland, which was part of the estate of Col. John O’Callaghan. Their eviction was among many other evictions performed in June 1887 by the orders of Col. John O’Callaghan, the landlord. These evictions of June 1887, from the lands of Col. John O’Callaghan, are commonly referred to as the “Bodyke Evictions”. Many of the tenants defended their homes against these evictions, among which was the family of John O’Halloran. Listed members of the resisting John O’Halloran family was his wife, Harriet, daughters Anne, Honoria and Sarah O’Halloran, and sons Frank and Patrick O’Halloran.

The Attack on O'Halloran's Fort
The Attack on O’Halloran’s Fort

The John O’Halloran family tenant home was so well prepared against the expected eviction that it was referred to as “O’Halloran’s Fort”.

The following story of the John O’Halloran family eviction on June 10, 1887 is from the account of the son, Frank O’Halloran, as listed in The Irish Times newspaper issue of June 15, 1887, and also on file at the Clare County Library, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland. Continue reading “The John O’Halloran Family Eviction 1887 in Ireland”

Holy Rood Cemetery Restoration

Holy Rood Cemetery is to be restored!

Holy Rood Cemetery
Holy Rood Cemetery, Washington D.C.

Holy Rood Cemetery, located at 2126 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Washington D.C., is the location where many of the Kane and related families are buried.

Holy Rood Cemetery was established in 1832 by the Holy Trinity Catholic Church and was originally named Trinity Church Upper Grave Yard. It is owned by Georgetown University, which in the 1980’s, made plans to disinter the bodies so they could re-purpose the land for other uses. Those plans were blocked by legal action.

Holy Rood Cemetery has suffered from long term neglect and has been in poor condition from that neglect. Some tombstones have been toppled or damaged, the cemetery overgrown at times from infrequent mowing and maintenance, and walkways in need of repair. Continue reading “Holy Rood Cemetery Restoration”

Death of Arthur Raymond “Art” Cresce

Arthur Raymond "Art" CresceEarlier this year we were saddened by the loss of cousin Arthur Raymond “Art” Cresce, who died on February 14, 2019. “Art” and his wife “Betsy” had made a trip to County Cork, Ireland, and while there, made some genealogy research discoveries about the Hegarty family which helped correct some passed down verbal family history mistakes.

Below is his obituary from the Kalas Funeral Home & Crematory of Edgewater, Maryland.

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